Ford 6.7L Engine Issues

The Quirks of the 6.7L Power Stroke Engine: A Guide to Keeping Your Beast on the Road

Common Issue

Jaime Olsen

March 5, 2024

Common issues and repairs for the Ford 6.7L Diesel Engine in 2011+ Ford Super Duty Trucks.

The 6.7L Power Stroke engine – Ford’s replacement for the legendary 6.4L Power Stroke – can have the occasional hiccup under the hood. The engine code named ‘ Scorpion’ is the heart thumping inside Super Duty trucks from 2011 and on.

Ford 6.7L with common issues and repairs

It’s revered for its strength and endurance. Let’s dive into the common issues this powerhouse can face and how NW Diesel can keep your Super Duty on the road.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Woes

The EGR system is like that well-meaning friend who sometimes makes your life more complicated. Designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx), it can become a problem by getting clogged with soot, leading to decreased engine efficiency and performance. If you start having a rough idle, increased fuel consumption, etc. If a truck is prone to idling for long periods of time, that can lead to soot buildup (P0401). Sometimes if its bad enough, the entire EGR Cooler needs to be replaced. Have your truck inspected if it starts to suffer from any of the potential symptoms or an engine code throws a light on. Better to have it looked at before a full replacement is needed.

Turbocharger Troubles

The turbocharger on your 6.7L Power Stroke is like the lungs of an Olympic sprinter – vital for keeping up with the competition. However, it can suffer from issues like stuck vanes or actuator failures, which can leave your engine gasping for air. This is most common when an extra programmer has been added, causing the turbo to overspeed due to the extra fuel being asked by the program. Once a failure occurs, it could be time for a turbo upgrade instead of detonating a factory OE turbo again.

Ford 6.7L repairing the turbo

It’s worth having turbocharger components checked and cleaned, ensure the actuator is functioning correctly, and replace any worn parts before they lead to bigger problems. It could also be worth having a proper tune added to the truck using our dyno to set the proper limits.  

Fuel System Pump Fiascos

Your truck’s fuel system is its digestive system – feed it well, and it thrives. Low-quality fuel, water contamination, or faulty injectors can starve your engine of its power and efficiency. The CP4 fuel pump has been known to be a common failure point, often times creating debris from the pump’s crankcase that gets sent into injectors.

Our talented technicians can flush the fuel system, replace fuel filters, and injectors as needed. To prevent this from happening, aftermarket “Disaster Prevention Kits” can be installed, often including an additional filter that can be monitored so owners can visibly see if their CP4 fuel pump starts to give up the ghost.

Keeping Your Diesel Dream Alive

While the 6.7L Power Stroke engine is a marvel of modern engineering, it’s not without its quirks. However, with the right care, attention, and a talented team of diesel repair specialists by your side, you can keep your beast on the road, running stronger and longer. Whether it’s personal pride or fleet reliability you’re after, remember, a stitch in time saves nine – or in this case, a timely visit to our shop saves you miles of troubles down the road. Keep those engines roaring and the wheels turning!